Environmental Permitting

CES obtains permits from Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACOE), Water Management Districts and municipalities for mining, land development, and construction projects.  CES has permitted more central Florida limestone mines than any other consultant.  CES also prepares Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Best Management Practices Plans, and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans in support of these permits.   

Barge Slip Dredge Permit, Inglis, Florida

CES secured dredge and fill and environmental resource permits from the USACOE and FDEP, respectively, for deepening a barge slip 1,500 feet in length by 300 feet in width, followed by construction oversight, monitoring and reporting.  The project included detailed pre-, intermediate-, and post-construction bathymetry; limestone core drilling from a barge and grab sampling overlying sediment; chemical characterization of spoil for disposal purposes; turbidity monitoring; and manatee monitoring.  Construction phase spanned 1.5 years.  Daily reports were submitted to FDEP and final “as builts” were submitted to FDEP and USACOE.  Project completed without a single negative agency review.

Salvage Yard Permitting, Brooksville, Florida

CES obtained NPDES Multisector Generic Permit for auto salvage yard located in the urban district along the ephemeral stream in the area of steep terrain and subject to significant runoff.  Prepared Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) that identified potential sources of contamination and potential migration pathways.  Conducted required sampling and analytical events and submitted discharge and monitoring reports on behalf of owner.

Limestone Mine Permitting, Shady Hills, Florida

CES conducted studies and obtained environmental resource and water use permits from FDEP and SWFWMD, respectively, and a mining permit from Pasco County, to convert a shallow sand borrow pit to a deep limestone aggregate quarry.  Studies proved the confining unit reportedly present between the surficial and Floridan aquifers was discontinuous and that the surficial aquifer had been fully depleted by over-pumping at a nearby municipal well field, eliminating environmental obstacles to deepening the mine.  Permits allow for mining limestone to a depth of 90 feet below the water table.

C&D Debris Waste Processing Permit, Brooksville, Florida

CES obtained a solid waste permit from FDEP and an environmental resource permit from SWFWMD to build and operate a construction and demolition (C&D) debris waste processing facility.  The project included engineering design, groundwater monitoring plan and groundwater sampling and analysis, construction oversight, and construction as-built drawings.  Also prepared Operations Manual and conducted site inspections and submitted quarterly and annual reports on behalf of the owner.

Concrete Batch Plant Permitting, Central Florida

CES obtained and/or renewed Water Use Permits (WUPs) for 17 facilities.  Efforts involved needs analysis, well and pump design, water use calculations, water budget calculations, conservation plans, alternative source analysis and more.  The contract also called for plugging wells at two abandoned facilities.

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