Wetlands And Wildlife

CES delineates wetlands and conducts listed and endangered wildlife surveys for State and Federal projects.  We also prepare wetland mitigation plans, relocate tortoises and other species, perform environmental monitoring, and conduct invasive species eradication.

Proposed Destiny Town Site Wetland and Wildlife Surveys, Yeehaw Junction, Florida

CES conducted wetland delineation and listed species surveys on 41,000 acres proposed for site of a new city. Wetland delineation included the collection of data to support jurisdictional determination applications for St. Johns River Water Management District and US Army Corps of Engineers.  We flagged jurisdictional wetlands, classified communities in accordance with the Florida Land Use Forms and Cover Classification System, recorded soil and hydrologic properties, and established seasonal high water elevations. Reviewed available GIS data to determine potential habitat and conducted on-site surveys to document the presence and locations of the gopher tortoise, Florida Sandhill crane, Florida scrub jay, Southeastern American kestrel, red-cockaded woodpecker, American bald eagle, and various wading birds and to determine their occupied habitat. Methods included the use of callback tapes, global positioning units, and aerial surveys using fixed-wing aircraft. Species-specific reports and habitat maps were generated for initial site development plans.

Airport Gopher Permitting and Relocation, Brooksville, Florida

CES conducted gopher tortoise and incident species surveys at multiple locations on public airport property slated for development or impact. Relocated gophers to either offsite conservation areas or to protected areas onsite, as directed by the airport authority. Onsite relocations required the construction of pens to accommodate soft releases, followed by routine observation and reporting.

Natural Resources Inventory, Odessa, Florida

CES conducted a Natural Resources Inventory at an active concrete batch plant property, a portion of which had been set aside for the enhancement of natural resources as an element of the nationally recognized Wildlife at Work Program.  We reviewed maps, aerial photography, lists of plants established on the site and field guides pertaining to the site.  The onsite inventory included pedestrian visual and auditory survey methods at morning, mid-day, evening and night time-periods.

Wetland Mitigation Project, Ocala, Florida

CES designed, permitted and constructed an 11-acre mitigation area to offset wetland impacts proposed as part of a mining operation.  The project included a combination of wetland enhancement, wetland creation, and upland enhancement in an area of the property previously disturbed by mining.  The field work included surveying, earthwork/grading, planting, exotics eradication, monitoring and reporting.

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