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Wetlands and Wildlife
The Importance of Wildlife and Wetland Studies

Across much of the US wetlands have been dredged and filled, and forests have been cleared to mak room for roads, subdivisions and mines. Today, we understand the need to minimize our impact to these features. For example, marshes and mangroves protect our coasts from damage by hurricanes and tropical storms by preventing erosion and absorbing tidal surges. Wetlands also filter contaminants before they reach our springs, rivers, lakes and seas. Forests provide critical habitats for threatened and endangered species and absorb millions of tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise escape to the atmosphere. Our survey services are aimed to identify and characterized wetlands, and listed species are used to ensure that development is responsible and formulate mitigation strategies when impacts cannot be avoided:

  • Wetland delineation

  • Protected species surveys

  • Gopher tortoise relocation

  • Wetland mitigation design and monitoring

  • Mitigation banking

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