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Rock and Mineral Exploration
Quality Rock and Mineral Exploration

Commercially important rock and mineral deposits naturally occur across the world. Florida is blessed with economically viable deposits of limestone, dolomite, shell, Fuller’s earth, specialty clays, quartz sand, phosphate, heavy minerals, including granite, mica, and kaolin, are scattered across the southeastern US.

All of the easy deposits have been identified and exploited, and finding new ones requires intimate knowledge of local and regional geology, application of appropriate prospecting methods, and a thorough grasp of mine permitting rules and regulations. We have all of that and more, Hire us for comprehensive solutions that deliver answers you can depend on

  • Prospecting and drilling plans

  • Traditional, wire-line and sonic coring for rock deposits

  • Split-spook, direct push technology and hand auger borings for soil/sand deposits

  • Geologic sampling and analysis

  • Materials testing

  • Reserve calculations

  • Three-dimensional deposit modeling

  • Industrial mineralogy

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