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A Letter from the President of Creative Environmental Solutions, Inc.

As a Florida native growing up in Hernando County, the centerpiece of the “Nature Coast,” I have always treasured the wonders of our unique state. Flowing freshwater springs, hardwood forests, and swamplands are all examples of Florida’s natural wonders that we should protect as much as possible. In addition to the natural environment, I learned to appreciate Hernando County’s agricultural and industrial heritage, dominated by citrus groves, timber operations, cattle ranches, and limestone mining. In fact, exposure to the formations and fossils in old mining pits piqued my interest in rocks and minerals and led to my lifelong occupation as a geologist.

Florida has changed dramatically during the course of my professional life. I’ve witnessed both the prosperity brought about by growth and development and the consequential degradation and loss of some of our natural treasures. In response to the pressures from economic growth, Florida and the federal government created miles of daunting rules and regulations to protect the most critical components of the environment and yet support development that is critical to Florida’s economy. In my observation, most companies doing business here desire to be good stewards of our natural resources, but are constantly frustrated by numerous environmental regulations. Finding the balance between environmental compliance and corporate profit can seem impossible to the uninitiated.

Creative Environmental Solutions was created with a vision of becoming the facilitator of that balance, working with industry, the public, and the myriad of Florida and federal regulators to achieve the progress that is necessary, desirable, and vital to the future of the state of Florida. My focus, and that of CES, is to help various organizations navigate the complex world of environmental regulation and permitting. Based on this ideology, we have built and strive to maintain a reputation for quality service, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Our success is demonstrated by our long-standing client list, some of which have been with us since our inception in 1994!

We pride ourselves on being in tune with the latest regulations, making use of the most modern technologies, and especially on our ability to find creative solutions for difficult problems. Our team of geologists, engineers, and ecologists is privileged to offer its expertise, and I encourage you to call me directly with any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting our site.

George K Foster, P.G.

Creative Environmental Solutions, Inc.

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