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Hydrogeological Investigations
Thorough Hydrogeological Investigations

More than 90% of Florida’s drinking water comes from underground sources. Groundwater quality and quantity are important to multiple users ranging from individual homeowners to municipalities, farmers, ranchers, industrial facilities, and recreationalists. This same groundwater also sustains the flows in our springs, rivers, and maintains high water levels in our lakes and ponds.

Groundwater reserves have been severely depleted in many locations, and saltwater intrusion has tainted the water supplies of a number of coastal communities. Runoff and infiltration on fertilizers and septic tank effluent have contaminated the groundwater with nitrate and phosphorous, causing noxious and dangerous algae blooms in springs, rivers and lakes. Protection and wise use of our groundwater resources are vital to the economic success and environmental health of Florida.

Test, Analyze, Install

Our comprehensive solutions include testing, analyzing results, and installation options.

  • Monitoring and testing for new well installation

  • Aquifer performance testing

  • Single well tests

  • Multi-well pumping tests

  • Drawdown analysis

  • Groundwater modeling

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